Environmental Modeling & Blueprinting

Cloud 9 Partners has extensive experience in advanced IT discovery, application dependency, and migration toolsets, having led numerous large-scale data center discovery, application migration planning, and data center consolidation programs. We offer engagements delivering:

  • Rapid agentless zero-impact detailed enterprise IT inventory blueprint of servers, software, performance, connections
  • Application detailed dependency mapping for all application stack dependency connections internal and external
  • Blueprinting for CMDB, migration planning or application documentation
  • Rapid discovery / detailed inventory blueprinting
  • Application interdependency discovery, dependency mapping and affinity analysis, consolidation analysis

This information will keep the IT leadership up-to-date on the current inventory of IT assets along with providing the ability to create detailed migration planning using validated inventory, application dependency details and affinities to deliver migration move wave plans and a detailed migration tactical plan.

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