Solutions & Tools

Cloud 9 Partners business solutions consultants can help your organization reinvent your technology footprint with great efficiency and transform your entire enterprise through our focused methodologies, domain skills, and deep industry expertise. Our experience, coupled with our focused methodologies and mature toolsets, lead to very favorable client outcomes.

Business Case and ROI Modeling

Cloud 9 Partners has led some of the largest transformational IT business cases for Fortune 50 class firms. We have developed winning and adopted business case strategies that have led to some of the most significant IT consolidations, transformations and savings volumes ever.

Environmental Modeling and Blueprinting

Cloud 9 Partners has extensive experience in advanced IT discovery, application dependency, and migration toolsets, having led numerous large-scale data center discovery, application migration planning, and data center consolidation programs.

Migration Services

Cloud 9 Partners has deep expertise in large-scale rapid, zero-downtime migration projects. Your data center or cloud workload migration can be trusted to the Cloud 9 planning and execution approach.

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