Cloud 9 Partners have led significant cloud efforts—with strategy, planning, standards, roadmapping, and implementation programs. These programs will help our customers realize the significant cost reductions and IT capability improvements of internal private cloud, external cloud, or hybrid cloud architectures.

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The benefits of our workshops will help drive significant cost reductions and IT enablement within the IT organization. But where do you start, and what are the prescriptive steps to real enterprise cloud strategy, enablement, and identifying the operational changes required to begin the cloud journey?

Cloud 9 has structured workshops for IT organizations for the development of cloud strategy, cloud roadmap, and detailing the specific steps for evaluating, and developing the specific path to cloud for your organization.

The Cloud 9 Partners Cloud Readiness workshop includes answers to questions such as:

  • How to develop an IT cloud strategy
  • What are planning considerations for internal, external, and hybrid cloud platforms
  • How do I support the private cloud and what are the primary benefits
  • Self-service automated server provisioning
  • Metered pay-by-use internal billing
  • Immediate capacity-on-demand and capacity planning
  • Accounting changes to support cloud operation
  • IT resource optimization
  • What application considerations are there for internal and external cloud
  • What are the prescriptive steps and tasks for cloud enablement and solution implementation

Cloud 9 Partners Cloud Enablement workshop covers all the steps to cloud strategy and planning, implementation, and cloud operations. The workshop also delivers a cloud readiness rapid assessment, and delivers a customized gap closure and cloud realization roadmap specific to the participating client organization’s workshop attendance.

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