Cloud Decision Framework

Cloud 9 Partners has made our primary focus on enabling our client to properly leverage the new paradigm of cloud computing in a VALIDATED and accurate business case model. It is essential you understand the metered usage and your application cloud fit suitability scoring to predict the cost basis, and determine your run rates and savings.

Cloud 9 has powerful discovery tools, analytics, cost analysis, and business case automation toolsets that can provide an accurate roadmap to cloud, action plan, costs, savings, and a TCO model for all major cloud providers. Direct Analytical tools provide:

  • IT Blueprint and Inventory Analysis
  • Cloud Fit Scoring and Analysis
  • Application Topology and Dependency Mapping
  • Financial Modeling, TCO/ROI Analysis and Detailed Business Case
  • Migration Planning and Affinity Based Wave Plans
  • Migration Zero-Defect Migrations

We use a current state as a baseline, then map out your ideal mix of future state scenarios and hosting strategies. We use advanced analytics and workload modeling to build a business case and risk-based strategy and roadmap detail. We provide our clients with specific actionable steps in realizing the optimal future state, and can assist with zero-impact migration planning and execution as well.

Our Application Dependency mapping and cloud fit scoring provide a dashboard of application current sate status, gaps to cloud enablement, and a “real world” view of migrating workloads to the cloud or a hybrid model as appropriate.

Based on discovery, application cloud fit scoring and strategic IT objective, Cloud 9 can model a detailed actionable cloud roadmap with points of arrival, TCO / ROI, and IT actions needed to realize the strategy, enablement and cloud savings.

IT and Cloud Fit Analysis Modeling

Cloud 9’s state-of-the-practice cloud toolset delivers deeply analytical findings for workloads in real-time. Advanced Cloud Decision Framework and toolset provides real-time workload Cloud-fit scoring, effort, migration planning, TCO/ ROI, and current state, colocation, and multiple cloud providers real-time costing business case comparisons.

Application Cloud Readiness and Roadmapping

We use a best of breed analytical toolset that can evaluate detailed inventory, application stacks, and provide a cloud fit scoring. We provide actionable roadmaps for gaps, treatment strategies, application rationalization, and SWOT analysis for realization of cloud strategies and cost reductions.

  • Advanced analytics
  • Rapid agentless discovery of infrastructure, applications, and dependences
  • Application cloud-fit analysis for strategy alignment and application rationalization
  • Business case ROI / TCO modeling and advanced analytics for costing and strategy development to business case
  • Gap analysis and roadmap to strategy, and optimal hosting realizations.

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