CIO Advisor Services

Cloud 9 Partners principal consultants have IT industry leadership, strategy, and architecture experience. We have engaged as trusted advisors to Fortune 500 CIOs, developing IT strategy, roadmaps, launching enterprise architecture teams for clients, global data center program strategy, business case, and program planning.

IT Assessment and Hosting Strategy

We have a specific, focused expertise in IT strategy and have built IT strategy and roadmaps for several large organizations on behalf of CIOs and CTOs.

Today’s IT environment is not only complex and more mission critical, but there are many hosting alternative approaches to evaluate. Traditional in-house data centers require more robust power, UPS, cooling, generator, redundancy, and complete dual pathing to provide the 99.999% reliability required—while costs for in-house data centers, IT resources and in-house hosting continue to rise.  Also, traditional colocation-only solutions are blurring with the rise of cloud alternatives.

Many organizations are considering alternate infrastructure hosting models such as move to colocation to alleviate facility-based risk and costs, cloud providers with meter-use OPEX models, or hybrids and internal cloud architectures to reduce risk and localize costs.

  • Which is the best strategy over a 3-5 year term?
  • What are the costs?
  • Am I ready to move?
  • What will migration be like and what are the risks?
  • How can I evaluate the savings and risks from alternate strategies, and what would the roadmap and points of arrival look like?
  • How can I also improve or implement a more resilient and agile DR capability as part of this transformation?

Cloud 9 Partners have performed detailed IT hosting strategies, target state scenarios, business cases, and ROI / TCO analysis on Fortune 50 level clients and global scopes. Let Cloud 9 support your strategy and decision-making with real data and analysis based on sound experience of the successful outcomes of many complex engagements. We are product, vendor, and approach agnostic and leverage many years of IT leadership in driving large scale IT organizations through the transformational change process.​

Advisor Services

  • IT and Data Center Assessment
  • Hosting Strategy and Roadmap Creation
  • Cloud Readiness / Application Cloud Readiness Assessment
  • DR Strategy and Design
  • DR Roadmap Creation
  • Business Case / ROI – TCO Analysis for Transformation Strategies


Cloud 9 Partners specializes in actionable roadmaps and detailed IT initiative listings ranked by priorities. Our years of IT operations and leadership allow us to do rapid IT assessments, and deliver succinct actionable plans and strategies anchored by IT initiative listings, SWOT matrix findings, and actionable roadmaps based on each client’s strategic planning horizon.

Merger and Acquisition Strategies

Cloud 9 Partners consultants and methodologies can assist organizations struggling to on-board another organization’s infrastructure and application footprint into their own. This could be the result of a merger event or just consolidation from a previous merger. Our mature process, coupled with our toolsets and our ability to interface with business leadership, provide solutions that consider the delicate nature of integrating multiple production environments into a single homogeneous solution.

  • Our solutions and approach are designed to enable your technical teams to focus on keeping the multiple environments operational while the Cloud 9 team completes all of the analysis, planning, and execution of the consolidation efforts.
  • Our specialists and extensive resources networks means that Cloud 9 can cover any anomaly that presents itself during the lifecycle of the project.
  • The Cloud 9 cloud application integration solutions can provide approaches to allow data integration without the movement or total integration of the applications. This can assist in connecting applications that are not candidates for transformation or migration.

During integration, a strong governance structure is required to ensure that IT and business are aligned throughout the integration process. The goal of governance is to provide a clear direction, ensuring on-time and within-budget completion of the integration activities—while keeping all legacy operations functional—thus realizing all potential cost savings and synergies. This structure includes oversight and controls through entities such as a cross-enterprise decision forum, a merger integration office, and a combined IT and business steering committee.

Analytics and Performance

During the transformation of a compute environment to the cloud, or because of a merger or acquisition, it is more important than ever for businesses to have comprehensive and profound insight into their performance so they may identify their most efficient platforms and functions. From planning and budgeting to monitoring results and forecasting, senior management must have timely and accurate information to make effective decisions. Our CIO advisory practice helps CIOs identify the key areas to address in order to achieve maximum value. We then work with you to implement the frameworks you need to steer IT compute and the business it supports toward greater efficiency and better performance.

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