Consulting Services

Cloud 9 Partners specializes in proven consulting solutions for IT transformation success. We are focused in a narrow area by intent to deliver an expert driven consulting engagement, maximizing client value in leveraging our people, process, and technology expertise. We use our exclusive methodology, expert consultants, and innovative toolsets to deliver value to our client’s in transforming their IT infrastructure and applications.

Cloud 9 is focused on solution engagements that target the IT organization related to the following engagement models and summaries to demonstrate typical content, approach, deliverables, and value derived to clients.

IT and DC Transformation

Whether your organization has a clearly defined roadmap or needs assistance in developing the next steps, we can provide the expertise required to design and execute the program to transform IT and the business systems.

Cloud Decision Framework

Cloud 9 Partners has made our primary focus on enabling our client to properly leverage the new paradigm of cloud computing in a VALIDATED and accurate business case model. It is essential that you understand the metered usage and your application cloud fit suitability scoring to predict the cost basis, and determine your run rates and savings.

Application Mapping

Cloud 9 Partners has years of experience in detailed application dependency mapping. We have used myriad toolsets, and our expertise is second to none in this area. We have the most advanced dependency mapping tools providing advanced port details for all interfaces, dependency and affinity based maps, advanced application grouping, affinity banding and wave planning, and inter-dependency details.

Enterprise Architecture and Strategy

Cloud 9 Partners consultants have years of Fortune 100 scale enterprise architecture, IT, data center, DR, and cloud strategy CIO advisory, and target state reference architecture solutions that have proven to reduce costs, provide maximum IT performance, availability, and resiliency.

CIO Advisor Services

Cloud 9 Partners principal consultants have IT industry leadership, strategy, and architecture experience. We have engaged as trusted advisors to Fortune 500 CIOs, developing IT strategy, roadmaps, launching enterprise architecture teams for clients, global data center program strategy, business case, and program planning.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Cloud 9 Partners has significant experience in the strategy formulation, Business Continuity (BC) roadmapping, and executing focused engagements around BC capabilities, gap analysis, and integration with Disaster Recovery BIA and TIA assessments.


Cloud 9 Partners has led significant cloud efforts, with strategy, planning, standards, roadmapping, and implementation programs. These programs help our customers realize the significant cost reductions and IT capability improvements of internal private cloud, external cloud, or hybrid cloud architectures.

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